Graffiti in Today’s Popular Style

Graffiti has made its way into today’s popular style. It is safe to say that graffiti is a large part of today’s popular style.  Some popular clothing brands that use graffiti are

  • OBEY

    obey obey2

  • Roberto Cavalli

    cavalli cavalli2

  • Sellout Industries

    sellout industries sellout industries2

  • Protocol Clothing

    protocol clothing protocol clothing2

  • Wet Seal

    wet seal graffiti 2 wet seal graffiti

  • Echo

    ecko 2 ecko ecko3

However, not all fashion companies are being honest about their use of graffiti art.  Roberto Cavalli is being sued copyright infringement by a crew of graffiti artists responsible for creating a mural in San Francisco.  His line of clothing appears to use exact pieces of this mural in certain pieces of clothing.  Click here to read the full article about this lawsuit. He is not the only fashion designer to be sued by graffiti artists though.  There are many fashion designers who attempt to use street art in their fashion lines without obtaining the rights to the piece.


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