Awesome Links

Here are some fantastically helpful links having to do with graffiti.

Graffiti Research Lab

  • Graffiti Research Lab is an awesome website that is dedicated to helping graffiti artists get hold of new technologies and ideas that help them reach the public.  There are listings of a bunch of different projects done by graffiti artists or hip hop enthusiasts including what the Matrix would look like if it were set in the ghetto and video about open exhibits.

149th Street

  • @149th Street is a helpful website that tracks graffiti activity in New York City, NY.  It has an updated list of artists and crews and a very helpful glossary of terms having to do with graffiti.

50mm Los Angeles

  • This is another photo gallery website that tracks the graffiti in Los Angeles.  The website is kept up by hundreds of photographers and there are thousands of awesome images on this site.


  • This is a fun interactive website that takes you through 99 rooms filled with graffiti art.  For those of you who are like myself (easily terrified), be warned that the website uses some creepy music.  It is totally awesome though!


  • This website has tons of helpful information including articles, lists of graffiti artists, links to murals and much more!

Graffiti Creator

  • This is a handy website for those (like myself) who are not great graffiti writers but still love creating graffiti.  This will generate any style of lettering you chose!

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