Graffiti has become a popular form of street art and self expression over the past 40 years.  Graffiti originally started in New York City by young people who wanted desperately to be noticed.  Today, graffiti (whether illegal or commissioned) is a popular form of self expression, political activism, and creativity.

Growing up in Franklin Square, a small little town whether nothing bad ever happens, the only ‘graffiti’ I was ever exposed to was a sticker placed on a stop sign or writing on school desks.  As I got older and started journeying into the city and then later started attending college in Queens, I was exposed to a lot more graffiti and this peeked my interest in the subject.  Though I’ve never been terrific at drawing or painting, I’ve always been artistic.  I love crafting and writing and therefore have a unique appreciation for the arts, especially those that strive for attention and popularity.

This is why I’ve decided to create this small digital area of information on graffiti for my final project (yes, this is technically for school).  By exploring the world of graffiti, I get to admire some awesome street art and learn more about a thriving subculture.