5 Points

5 Pointz is basically the Mecca of graffiti art.  5 Pointz is the name given to a abandoned factory in Queens, New York that has become covered in graffiti.  5 Pointz was a popular attraction for tourists and locals alike.  5 Pointz was a place where people would appreciate the true art form of graffiti.  Graffiti writers from all over the world have traveled to New York to write on one of the many walls of 5 Pointz.  Some of these writers include Stay High 149, Tracy 168, Cope 2, Part, and Tats Cru.

5pointz 5pointz2 5pointz3 5pointz4 5pointz5 5pointz6

Unfortunately, 5 Pointz as it was no longer exists.  The Land owner of 5 Pointz, Jerry Wolkoff, had been trying to knock down the abandoned factory in order to build a newer usable building.  However, instead of demolishing the building, several men were hired to white wash the walls of the factory.  This not only destroyed years and years of prized graffiti art work but also pissed off a lot of graffiti advocates.  Thousands of people attempted to petition the land lord’s decision and thousands more tried to get the place written off as a national landmark.  After the destruction of 5 Pointz, several museums held galleries and exhibits dedicated to graffiti art and to 5 Pointz.

5pointz gone 5pointz gone2

Here are two links to articles describing all the details involved with the destruction of 5 Pointz:


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